Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The American Medicine

I've used drugs.  For recreation, and for the purpose intended.  My body can't really tell the difference.  However, I would like to relate a 'social commentary.'  America, USA is SICK.  Ill from pain and misery.  How do I know?  Just a hunch really.  You see a close loved one of mine suffers from chronic pain due to a lower lumbar fusion (metal in the spine.)  Recently, three different doctors (an emergency room doctor, an internist, and a pain management doctor) collectively, and without testing, altered and put my beloved on high dosages of pain medication, and sent us on our way.  the internist had the compunction to actually change the dosage of her psychotropic medication without having a RECENT evaluation done or even an old one to reference.  Not only that, the pain management doctor actually prescribed a medication THAT the FDA HAS PULLED FROM production since the first of the year!
Using this model as an example, I purpose that the same situation that this illustrates, is the same kind of dysfunction that is keeping our culture and society economically repressed and ill.
The intrinsic flaw with our culture, much as pain to the human body, is that nobody understands it.  Everyone lives under the body of this great constitution but nobody cares.  We have many rights, that go virtually unnoticed. We enjoy our bodies until they cause us pain and suffering then we go to the doctor and take medicine for the problem.  What is America's Medicine?  A healthy dose of Constitutionalism.  Still, I have mentioned in others posts, elsewhere, that the problems that face America, are to be 'fixed' or 'solved' by the government.  This is in error, as Americans we ALL have a say in the government.  Even a duty- to enact civil disobedience when other methods fail.
I'm not advocating mass anarchy, but I compel the reader to find their voices and medium of expression and use that 1st Amendment for something other than newsprint.  I stand on the first so I don't have to use the fifth.
Lately, some forms of expression (diseased I might add) have been making headlines.  Recent mass shootings are the topics I'm addressing.  In NO WAY is this a valid form of expression, it is deranged and valueless.  It is intra-terrorism, and should be treated as such.  As to patriots stock piling precious metals, guns and ammo, this is more an expression of paranoia than being 'prepared.'  If mass execution, suicide gunmen are the new way to express dissatisfaction, how long before the government may express themselves to us with tanks and missiles in the streets? You know, back to that pain management thing, one celebrity and a handful of drug addicts were able not only to take a pain medication that worked off the market, but also, introduced a drug passed through the FDA to replace methadone in the treatment of heroin addiction, i am speaking to seboxone.  This drug is more costly than methadone and was put on the market before testing was back, presumably because the FDA and Pharma-business could hoard more cash over someone's misery .  It is a narcotic and it has more detrimental side effects than the drug(s) it treats.  This is also similar to the American Problem.  You see, programs and policies are introduced to the society before they are even tested.  I purport that we become the 'survey' nation.  All the data mining that goes on why not?  Why not test the demographic for programs (like ANY business does) and then establish a need for and against what is going on?  Welfare, Immigration, Health Care- test us before piling legislation on everything (much like medicine in the example above.)  Listen- as the human body- politics and government workings are just as mysterious and clandestine.  America was founded as a secret society, using the media to organize using the power of mind and hand rather than pissing all over FB.  So why no bring some of that back.  Why not only shop at the dollar store for your needs?  If all the dollar stores got business wouldn't other merchants and retailers have to bring the costs of goods down.  What about a mass 'park' in?  Everyone out of work with a car and license park from 7am to 9:30am on a major expressway interchange everyday for a week to protest the lack of jobs- say 1000 motorists could do a pretty good job of blocking the morning commute.  I can see it 696 and 275 interchange in MI, everyone listening to NPR and reading Henry David Thoreau's 'Civil Disobedience.'  Why not post and spam the government servers?  All with constructive 'American-isms?'  Something to the effect of- "Thou Shalt Obey Constitutionally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
(13 'bangs' for our colony.)
See we've been taking the medicine for so long and listening to doctors (spin) who have no understanding of our conditions that we suffer from; that we are unable to GET BETTER- Body, MIND, SPIRIT.  Allegiance

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Highwaymen and our Road to our NEW GDP

Boil, muck, tire,
Embryonic, money, fire,
Lead us, oh sire,
Our arms retire,
Confusion state,
Ruin abate,
Greed, plow, devastate,
Fury cadence,
Tax abeyance,
For justice serves only a few.

You see, our new gross domestic product has been confirmed as debt- how is it that one may sell a fiscal transgression?
Is it not time for the falcon to hear the falconeer, and for the center to hold?
Instead of all the 'pawn' shows that show up on major cable- maybe we should pawn off some of our national assets.  We have already pawed our present and future selves- what could a little physical loss due in the course of fire harm?  Personally, give the pacific rim countries a shot at developing Oh. . .I don't know. . .maybe Puerto Rico, which seems to have made it's way onto a quarter as a peace offering.  I could see it working out something like this.
B.O. "Say- I have a real nice island in the tropics.  I'd be willing to let you invest in it for say 7 trillion, nice beachfront, staffed year round by natives."
Asia. "May we develop it?"
B.O. "Sure, it's ready for a military base. . .I was going to put one in. . .but the wife and I never got around to it.  Tell you what, their neighbor, Cuba- they could use some folks around like you, it would bring the property values way up."
Asia. "Well, Daddy Obama, since you treat us so good, we forget the 1.16 trillion you owe, give you a happy meal, and call it square?"
B.O. "Best Deal I cut all term.  See your criminally insane on our streets and in raft boats!  This is a deal we can't refute! I mean refuse."

I am having much trouble digesting the fact that debt is now a product or resource of America.  Next time a creditor calls, tell them that your neighbor will buy the debt owed and you'll take the matter up with them.  Better yet, give them the direct number to Penn. Ave.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Regulate: Control or Illusion Thereof.

Have you ever tried to regulate the beating of your own heart rate and breathing patterns?  There are some eastern philosophies that teach these practices, it's not beyond thought or physical conditioning.  The reason why I have used this example, in looking over many current events and the actual condition of these United States, seems to be MORE regulation.  Regulation to me implies "control."  From my experience, control is illusion.  Especially when attempting to control the nouns in life; it especially becomes more difficult to exercise control when it concerns money and power.  Our beloved and hallowed government is nothing more than a relapsed addict to money and power.  It's sheer denial base allows for ANY means to exploit money and power to it's own advantage, regardless the consequences to the rest of  the citizens.  Yes, I use the term 'citizen' in honor to our french comrades, without whose careful coup would not have made these USA(s) possible.  In just the past week, the Federal Trade Commission, and our US Senate are undertaking a complete hearing (investigation) into our Facebook IPO.  Why is this necessary?  To illicit control eg: REGULATION of billions upon billions, that may exist, or may not.  As I could care less about this IPO as much else, WHY would I condone MY TAX revenue to go to this grail quest.  As a member of state- mind you TAX paying citizen- why may I not express my rage and indignation by electing to OPT out my tax base to these government sponsored "pep" rallies?  Time has come.  My tax base, my SS contribution, and my Medicare/FICA contributions to this country represent the MOST dedicated expression of UNION (trad. from the AMERICAN- org. 13 colonies) that I can explain. And I can't ever recall the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT asking me permission to USE MY EXPRESSION OF WORK, to BAILOUT CHASE BANK. If the government is so brazen to hold me accountable to holding up my share, why may I not govern my investment(s) in there visions and work.  The bailout(s) and now this smacks of :

Why would I trust you to REGULATE my personal spending habits without knowing who you are, or at least understanding your gravatar?
More Importantly:   Washington's 'charity' work has got to end, we are a union and a democracy (last I checked) and therefore by a voting process I believe the AMERICAN TAX PAYING Republic of This UNITED STATES has EARNED the right to vote DAILY on how their TAX DOLLARS are to be budgeted on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and 10 year budget that may be ratified by the individual STATES.
Now, IF my tax dollars are an expression, what does the NATIONAL government have to express to me by squandering MY money for their ends- no collective good (at least communism had that going for it)
The technology is available to make this scenario work.  But do we care enough about the 1st Amendment to really get this on the books?
What I propose, is a MASS intervention from the concerned CITIZENS of this great country, to take a moment and explain through the FREEDOM OF SPEECH, that MONEY REPRESENTS an EXPRESSION of VALUE, and currently, I/We/US aren't getting the value of calories expended.  Money is a TOOL, not static. power is too.  The rest is up to you. -Allegiance, Mariner
PS- Control is an Illusion.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Death of Industry at the Hands of State. . .

The landscape recoils from the sheer weight of your strip mall nail salon,
And while the nails may feed their need, no one rests, Godspeed,
One nation, Under God- with divisibility for all,
Green and Forward catching today,
I hope I come down with the ethical flu,
Cause back on main street, it's just me and you,
Now, those in the brownstones and expensive suits,
Must outcry the rage and shame that they face in their sectors, glory,
A moot residual for those in the welfare line, as they take our half and split it among the folly,
Growing faster than the globe may twirl,
Vapid shrill swirl,
Takers, fond of leeching,
Can't harvest the blood from those who already gave.
Save it for the Grave.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Ammo Tracking?

Great Lakes State is going to begin to install tracking on all ammo sold!   Thoughts?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Spirituality and The Freedom of Religon.

I propose that spirituality should be held under the right to engage of any American's religion.

Spirituality does not segregate nor disbelieve nor have real structured tenants.

It does however, guide me in a manner of living that inspires me.

Should it not be just a protected as Religion?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Cryin' Shame

DC, Home of Liberty, last I was in town, kind of a lot of homeless.

What does the statue of Liberty say again. . .tired, huddled, yearning, oppressed, wanting to be free?  I don't see much freedom in a cardboard box world.

Is there anyrelief for these fallen family memebers?  Are they not part of the Union?

Dallas, Detroit, Pittsburgh.

Lots o' useless state taken over real estate out there, maybe we could start a bootstrap program with that wasted space and get people living, not dying again?